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Flower Seeds

Imagine a vase of brightly coloured flowers or vibrant display in your garden.

Here are some of our favourites

Lightly fragrant sweet alyssum is a pretty little flower that makes a wonderful filler for the garden, pot or windowbox
Flowers - Alyssum
Masses of tiny lightly fragrant blooms, Sweet alyssums come in a mix of white violet and rose shades. 
Bright orange, cream and crimson flowers for summer clolour
Flowers - Californian Poppy
Lots of single fluted flowers add bright and cheerful colour to the Spring and Summer garden.
Forget me not blue flower appear in Spring reseeding easily to continue their natural beauty
Flowers - Forget me not Blue

A sea of blue flowers for many months of the year. Reseeds naturally.

Compact lobelia plants carry lots of iridescent blue flowers throughout Spring
Flowers - Lobelia
Lobelia is a wonderful addition to the garden as an edging or spilling over the side of a pot.
Flowers - Money Plant
Fragrant purple flowers are as welcome in spring their silvery pods in mid-Summer. Pods look like coins.
Spring flowers to brighten up the Spring garden
Flowers - Nemesia

Enchanting colour for mass displays in gardens, tubs and pots. Spring flowering

Flowers - Flanders Poppy

Beautiful single red poppies are an emblem for Remembrance & Anzac Days.

Flowers - Snapdragon

Popular 'snaps' add standout colour to any flower bed or pot. 

Delightful white daisies with sunny centres make a magnificent Summer display
Flowers - White Daisies
Cute little daisies sit on snugly on compact plants . Grows equally as well in a pot as in the garden.
Majestic golden blooms reach for the sky making a glorious show all Summer long
Flowers - Sunflower Tall
Majestic sun-soaked blooms . So easy and impressively quick to grow. Great fun for all the family.
The nostalgic fragrance of sweet peas takes you back to granny's garden
Flowers - Sweet Pea

Delicately frangrant sweet peas create a beautiful Spring show over a long period.

Little violas brighten up a Spring garden or patio pot with their pretty little faces
Flowers - Viola
There are many different varieties in the viola family. All are delightful adding heart stirring cheerfulness to Spring.

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