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New Generation Gardening at a Press of a Button

. . . Grow what you want, where you want. . . .

Within seconds improve your working environment by adding a little greenery to the office.

Bring nature into your home or office. De-stress and detoxify your living space with herbs in the kitchen or succulents on your desk. 

We believe that by bringing nature indoors we can enjoy pleasant surroundings and the benefits that plants can provide us. From reducing stress and anxiety levels, improving air quality to sharpening our focus and boosting productivity.

The Smart Gardens Have Arrived!

Introducing our new succulent pods

Grow healthy succulents or indoor plants using the latest hydroponics technology.

You'd like an indoor plant for your office desk or home but tired of your plants dying? The Succulent Pod is the solution for everyone who has ever loved the idea of an indoor plant or herb garden, but has always struggled to keep the plants alive! 

The succulent pod provides a healthy nest for your plants and worth giving a desk garden a try.

Improve your environment

Purify and improve the health of your plants and yourself as well
Once your colleagues see your new indoor garden they will want one too! Succulent pods look great anywhere, on a desk, end of a table, or counter. 

Easy power option

Have you ever thought how cool it would be if you could charge your smart garden from your laptop well now you can with our Succulent pods?
Each unit has a USB port so that it can power from your laptop or tablet.

Succulent pods are a fun desk garden they are easy to power up and can be enjoyed all around the office.

The Hydrogarden is an all-in-one hydroponic grow kit that allows the user to effortlessly grow herbs, vegetables and flowers indoors at any time of the year.

Very simple to use!

The HydroGarden nurtures plants, without soil. The unit comes complete with seeds, growing medium, soluble fertilisers and full instructions. This is the smart way to garden and as easy as adding water to the hydroponic unit.

No more messy indoor gardens!

An internal water reservoir will capture the excess water and an elevated ventilation hole to reduce soil escape.

No issues with low light office and home areas 

Your plants will grow well in less than optimum light. The Hydrogarden comes with an Indoor Grow LED Lamp to provide continuous natural light. The Hydrogarden light has a timer, so you can set and forget!

Never forget to water your plants

When the water is low the Hydrogarden will beep at you to remind you to top up the water reservoir.

Less disease and fungal problems
An intelligent ventilation system allows air to circulate around the plant.

Very little additional care is required.  Every 2 weeks feed your plants by adding the liquid fertiliser provided to the water reservoir. 

. . .A smart garden is an amazing experience, enjoy!  .

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