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Ran out of time! Its quick and easy to buy seed packets from our stocks and add your own decoration.

Key Features

High impact 4-colour printed seed sachets


Choose from our comprehensive range of vegetables, flowers and herbs. Growing your own vegetables is becoming very popular, particularly in light of ever-increasing food prices, fluctuating fuel prices and concerns for the environment. Flowers add vibrancy and pizzazz to any promotion. Herbs grow easily on a windowsill perfect for new age cooks who love the idea of having natural all-year-round ingredients close at hand and don't have a great deal of garden space.

How to Brand

There are hundreds of different seed varieties to choose from, simply request our current seed list we can help you choose the best seed variety for your promotion.

Details / Dimensions

Each packet comes with varietal description, how to grow and care information plus gardening hints and tips. Seed Packet dimensions: 75x145mm. Label dimensions: 70x40mm. Delivery: 3-4 working days from firm order.

Price Guide

Product Code: SC-9019

Pricing depends on the number of seed packets you would like to order. Call us today for your free quote!

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