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How to Grow a Herb Garden

Herbs grow well in pots here are a few tips to starting and caring for a windowsill garden

Making a herb garden is a fun and easy project for all the family 

Here is what you need 

  • A Sunny Windowsill
  • A Growing Pot
  • Seeds
  • Expandable soil pellets or potting mix
  • Water Sprayer

Choose your container
Pots come in many colours and sizes, ceramic and zinc are popular styles that look great in any kitchen.
Making a windowsill garden is a great project for children. Biodegradable peat pots are ideal for starting seedlings. Once the small plants are ready to move into a bigger pot or to the outside garden you simply plant the seedling pot and all.
Check to see if there are holes in the bottom of your pot. If not put a layer of small pebbles in the pot before you fill the pot with soil.

Choose the Right Seed Varieties
Select herbs that are easy to start from seed and don't grow too wide or tall. Chives, basil, chives, coriander, dill, parsley, sage and thyme are good choices.
Quick maturing vegetables can also be grown successfully indoors. Once you have mastered your herb garden try some lettuces, spring onions and radishes.

Choose the right spot
Find the sunniest windowsill in the house or office, an east or south-facing window is ideal


Fill your pot with soil. 
You can buy potting mix or use our popular Jiffy expandable soil pellets. All our kits come with a soil pellet. Simply add water and the soil pellet will expand the right amount of soil for your pot.

Sow the Seeds
Sprinkle seeds on the surface of the soil and cover with a dusting of soil. Lightly mist with a water sprayer.
Cover the pot and all with cling wrap this creates a mini greenhouse maintaining a consistent temperature and at the same time retaining moisture. Once the seeds have sprouted the cling wrap can be removed.
Put your pot in a sunny windowsill and keep moist.

Water the plants as needed, simply check if your plants need watering by sticking your finger in the soil and if it's dry, give it some water.  Water herb plants sparingly herbs don't like to be too wet. The best time to water is in the morning.

Feed your seedlings fortnightly with a diluted liquid fertiliser.
Pinch back branching plants to promote a bushy habit.
Plants always grow towards the light to encourage nicely shaped plants rotate the pot half a turn weekly 

Allow the plants some time to acclimatise to their new home.
Once plants are about 15cm tall and you start seeing new growth, you can start using your herbs. The more you snip, the bushier they'll become.

Lastly, enjoy fresh herbs all year round

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