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Common Name: Italian Parsley

Botanical Name: Petroselinum crispum

When to Sow: Late Spring - Autumn

Planting Position: Likes full sun in a well drained soil enriched with compost.

Days to Germinate: 21-28 days

Ready to Harvest: 12-14 weeks

Lifespan: Biennial - Lasts up to two years

Fertilise: Feed weekly with a liquid fertiliser.


Did you know?

Parsley is only grown from seeds. Germination takes anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. If you want to speed up the process soak the parsley seeds in warm water overnight before planting.

Parsley is a biennial that means it flowers in the second year and dies. The first year, parsley will produce a mass of foliage, the following second Summer it will produce clusters of tiny yellow flowers that are highly attractive to bees and butterflies.


About Parsley: Italian Parsley or flat leaf parsley is a popular garnish but also has a wide range of culinary uses.

Tips for growing: Parsley is ready to use in about 10 weeks from sowing the seeds. Cut the leaves off at the base of the stem and cut outer leaves first.

Companion Plants - plant Parsley with: chives, carrots, corn, chilli, capsicums, onions, peas, roses and tomatoes.

Warnings: Do not plant near mint or lettuce.

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