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Bright and bouncy poppies are fuss free and grow easily along fence lines and other challenging garden spaces.

Forget me  nots

Common Name: Forget me nots

Botanical Name: Myosotis sylvatica

When to Sow:  Summer Autumn Winter

Days to Germinate: 21-28 days

Flowers in: 12 weeks

Lifespan: Biennial - Lasts up to two years.

Fertilise: Feed seedlings fortnightly with a soluble liquid fertiliser


Did you know?

In German folklore, "forget-me-not" was the last, unnamed plant, who shouted: "Forget-me-not, Lord", to remind God that it still did not have a name. As an answer to this request, God named it by the last words that he heard: "forget-me-not".

Forget me nots emit a light fragrance in the evening that is not evident during the day.

Forget me not flowers are edible they add nice colour to salads and make excellent candied blooms.


About Forget me nots:  Sprays of tiny blue flowers look amazing grown on their own in borders and rock gardens, or amongst violas and spring bulbs, Forget-Me-Not produces a sea of blue for many months at a time. Forget me nots reseed easily to have year on year of colour.

Tips for growing: Sow seeds direct where to grow or start seeds in biodegradable peat pots to move the plant, pot and all to another position.

Bee & Butterfly Friendly - Forget me nots attract: bees and insects to the garden.  Does flower colour matter if you are a bee. Bees will forage on any blooming plant that provides nectar or pollen, however, they do have colour preferences. Flowers that are blue, purple, yellow or white will do a better job of attracting bees. Butterflies are also attracted to forget me nots.

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