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Sweetly scented alyssums are easy to grow and quick to flower


Common Name: Alyssum

Botanical Name: Lobularia maritima

When to Sow: All year round

Planting Position: Well-drained soil in full sun to partial sun

Days to Germinate: 10-14 days

Flowers in: 8 weeks

Lifespan: Annual - Lasts one year

Fertilise: Feed seedlings fortnightly with a soluble liquid fertiliser


Did you know?

Don't be fooled by Alyssum's sweet  & delicate nature they are one of the most carefree no fuss flowers around and can withstand dry conditions thriving and naturalising easily in tough conditions.

Alyssum flowers are edible! Contrary to their honey-like scent they have a peppery flavour similar to rocket and a better fit added to omelettes than a sweet dessert. 


About Alyssum: Alyssums are lightly scented and a great addition to any garden, a pretty ground cover, naturalising readily between paving stones borders or filler for baskets and tubs

Tips for growing: Alyssums will flower anywhere all through the year. Trim back after the first flush of flowers to promote more blooms

Bee & Butterfly Friendly - alyssums attract: bees, butterflies and insects to the garden with their dainty open florets and soft honey like fragrance. 


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