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Our Seed Range

We take great care to offer products that perform well in the Australian environment and that are sure to deliver great results. We have a large range of seed varieties to choose from. However if you have a specific variety in mind we're sure we will be able to source it for you.


Herb Seeds

Herbs provide natural all year round ingredients and are great to have close by when cooking. They are easy to grow and it's well worth having a few pots of basil, chives and parsley on the windowsill. Generally they prefer warm conditions where they wil grow quickly and produce lush leafy foliage packed with flavour! 

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Flower Seeds

It's so easy to add vibrant  colour throughout the year to your garden, select from summer favourites like sunflowers that are quick and fun to grow and loved by young and old alike!

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Fruit and Vegetable Seeds

Growing your own vegetables is beoming increasingly popular, paticularly in light of every-increasing food pricies, the desire for fresh produce with maximium flavour and just because it is so satisfying to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

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Australian Native Seeds

We all like the idea of growing an Australian Native plant sadly many are difficult to grow. There are a handful that we have trialled and work well in a promotions such as kangaroo paw or our pretty native daisies.

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How to Grow Herbs on a Windowsill

Growing herbs on your windowsill is quick and easy to do. All you need is a pot, seeds, small bowl water and expandable soil pellet. 

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