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Vegetable Seeds

Fresh vegetables straight from your garden taste so good, here are a

few of our most popular varieties

Rich red variety with fine flavour.

A deep crimson variety that grows well in most deeply dug well drained soils.

Compact blue green broccoli with mild flavour.

Once you have cut the main broccoli small side heads will form for ongoing harvests 

Soccer ball sized cabbages grow quickly and can be used in a variety of ways.

Grow in your own garden for crisp sweet cabbage leaves at your fingertips.

Popular in salads and cooked dishes alike. Sweet flavour, colour and texture.

Crisp colourful carrots are an important ingredient for summer salad days.

An excellent cucumber crisp juicy and full of flavour.

Crisp and full of flavour cucumbers can be sliced and diced for a variety of dishes.

This variety grows bushy plants and smooth large fruit 16 cm long

Eggplant's pink-purple flowers are followed by near black pear shaped fruit.

An excellent garden variety producing small loose hearts of sweet leaves.
Enjoy home grown salads. Remove outer lettuce leaves for a continuous harvest
Use pak choy baby leaves in salads or stir-fry mature leaves and stems
Pak Choy
Pick young tender outer leaves or leave your Pak Choy and harvest mature plants 
Brilliant red radishes stay crisp over a long period
Radishes are quick and easy to grow and an ideal vegetable for first time gardeners.
Take a few rocket leaves from each plant and they will come away again.
Silverbeet is hardy, easy to grow & a great beginner vegetable.
Snow Peas
Sweet tasting peas that can be eaten whole.
High yields of dark green spinach leaves. Full of nutrition
Grow your own baby spinach leaves to harvest as you need them!
Spring onions are a quick and easy way to add onion flavour to salads and cooked dishes.
Spring Onion
Spring onions are quick to grow its easy to add onion flavour to your favourite dishes.
You only have a small garden space you can still grow your own tasty tomatoes in a pot
Container Tomato
Specially selected to grow in pots, pick tasty tomatoes from your patio or balcony.
This variety needs staking but will yield loads of sweet round tomatoes 
Versatile zucchini can be steamed, baked, shredded in fritters on tossed on the BBQ.
Can be harvested as zucchini or left to develop into small marrows.

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