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Herb Seeds

There's nothing better than picking fresh herbs from your windowsill. Here are some of

the tried and true varieties as well as trendy herbs that are making headlines.

Herbs - Basil
A popular addition to many Mediterranean dishes, delicious with tomatoes. Quick and easy to grow
Herbs - Chives
This useful and decorative perennial herb will grow with little trouble in any garden or pot.
Herbs - Coriander

A widely used herb with a distinct fresh flavour all of its own. 

New dill herb plant in small grow pot
Herbs - Dill
Dill's delicate, ferny foliage looks great in a pot and an ideal herb to grow on the windowsill.
Herbs - Mint
Used for centuries for its medicinal and culinary properties. But there's nothing better than fresh mint with new potatoes.
Herbs - Parsley
Parsley can come in compact curled leaf or continental flat leaf varieties. Both are suitable in pots or in the kitchen garden
Herbs - Sage

The fragrant herb traditionally used in stuffings especially for chicken and pork.

Herbs - Thyme
Thyme is a versatile and easy to grow herb. it is also very decorative and a worthy addition to the flower garden or patio garden.

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