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Growing from Seed

Seed Creations Guide to growing from seed. If you have had little experience growing your own flowers, vegetables or herbs from seed give it a go you will be surprised how easy and fun it is.


1. Soil Preparation

Dig over your soil to the depth of your spade, removing weeds and debris as you go.
Improve the soil by adding compost or well-rotted manure.
Make a furrow about 15cm deep, sprinkle a little fertiliser into the base, then refill
soil to almost the original level. Firm down and water well.


Gardener's hand showing how easy it is to sow seed direct into a garden bed


2. Sowing

The ideal sowing depth is about twice the diameter of the seed. Sow seed along your furrow at the desired/recommended spacing. Cover over your seeds with fine soil or seed raising mix.



3. Care

Keep soil moist until seeds start to germinate.
Thin out newly emerged seedlings at the two-leaf stage to prevent over crowding, leaving the strongest plants to mature.
Apply a liquid fertiliser at regular intervals (starting with a half dose on young plants) to encourage strong and vigorous growth.



Karen's Seed Raising Tips

Always choose a sunny position for your garden bed, if growing indoors an ideal spot for your grow pot is a sunny windowsill.

Smaller seeds can be grown in Jiffy pots or seedling trays. The advantage of using biodegradable Jiffy pots you can move them to their final growing position seedling, pot and all!

Do not over water your seedlings keep soil just damp until your seeds have germinated.

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